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The World I See Begins With Me


My intention is to bring together all the existing goodness and expand on that. I see so much potential in the world impact organizations, successful yet unfulfilled people, and powerful companies that have the best of intentions, but don't realize the impact they could be making.


To set an example of how much can be achieved when people pull together with one common goal. The rate of homelessness has more than doubled since then (1996). Yes, there are plenty of other issues to tend to, but if we could end homelessness, then we can show the world the other possibilities. 


To inspire, empower and support competent professionals and every individual to help triage and resolve the issues that perpetuate homelessness. My goal is to share my message, to share my dream because the world I see begins with me.

Homelessness is getting worse. Take time to LISTEN from a place of empowered acceptance. Accept the person for who they are, but inspire them to know they deserve a better life.

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What Can You Do?

Lead by example.

Are you busy criticizing? Do you have ideas that haven't been tried yet? Tell them about it! Recognize their efforts.

Get involved.

In today's day and age, the only thing stopping us from achieving anything is ourselves. If you don't like the world you see, what are you doing about it?

Raise Awareness.

We can't change the past, but you can't un-learn what you now realize. How will you take action against homelessness from this moment on? Start by spreading the word.

"Yael brings a great amount of energy and dedication to this initiative to make the world a much better place. I highly recommend working with her!"

Sunil Bhaskaran
Founder of Global Business Mastermind

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We are currently funded by payments from coaching services, consulting services, and the generous financial donations. Let's work together to end homelessness!

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