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Life Teaches Foundation

Only together can we end this homelessness epidemic!

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The World I See Begins With Me

WHY Life Teaches Exists



Because everyone deserves to live a life they love in a world they can be proud of

What We Do


Inspire an all-hands-on-deck mindset, bringing together all available resources to reach the common goal of ending the homelessness epidemic globally

How We Do it

Inspire | Empower | Support

Inspire everyone to see and reach their own potential

Empower to overcome the challenges that life tests us with

Support each other by accepting that we are all where we need to be, which is never the same for two separate people

How YOU can Help

Take time to LISTEN from a place of empowered acceptance. Accept them for who they are, but dare the to dream of a better life. Then support them in their journey. 

Donate to Help End Homelessness

What Else Can You Do?

Lead by example.

"Do as I say, not as I do" just doesn't fly anymore. People are realizing that actions speak louder than words. "

When someone shows you who they really are, believe them" - Maya Angelou

Get involved.

We can either continue to wait for someone else to "fix the problems" or we can take action and inspire others.

Without people to pay for goods & services, money would be useless. Though money provides options. 

Donating your time or money provides much needed resources to existing organizations. 

Raise Awareness.

Ignoring or avoiding a problem doesn't make it go away. Don't back down from the tough conversations. 

"Yael brings a great amount of energy and dedication to this initiative to make the world a much better place. I highly recommend working with her!"

Sunil Bhaskaran
Founder of Global Business Mastermind

"Yael helped me embrace the possibility of my becoming a dream maker for other women. She helped me see my true nature of strength, adventure, and courageousness. Yael has a unique blend of positivity, courage, tell it like it is, and heart centered reflection. She is not afraid to tackle what is holding you back but she does it in such away that leaves you inspired, enlivened, capable, and empowered. Yael gets to the core or the heart of what you are struggling with and helps you successfully achieve positive transformation in your life. If you feel as though you are ready to understand your story and draw strength in your past to tackle the future, you need Yael to provide you with tools and strategies to help give you perspective and the actions you can take today to positively transform your life."

Char Stackle
Action Arrow Media

Help end homelessness today!

We are grateful for every one of our clients regardless of how much they can pay. Our fees are based on a sliding scale to enable anyone to receive services. In a world of 7.5 BILLION people, no one should ever feel alone in their journey. We'll take the journey right along side you.

You want to help but your resources are limited? We only each have 24 hours in a day. Consider how much more we accomplish when we have more time. Can you spare some?

Donate Your Time

Your donations help us gather more resources. The more resources we have, the more people we can serve. Consider the ones who can't afford the help they really need. 

Donate Funding

First session is always free. Our goal is to see you succeed. We want to watch you grow. Answer some questions to find out if and how we can serve you.

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