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Sharing my Personal Notes

I have notes and journals everywhere.

It's been a challenge to get them organized to share them. They're notes of ideas that I want to share with you. The lessons that I've learned in my life that have made a difference.

They are the things I have realized that have pulled me out of depression, helped my relationships with other people and, more importantly, with myself. And I have tons of ideas of how to make money. (I've done a lot of research on this especially when I MOST needed it. I got to know how to tell the difference between the shady ones and the legit mentors.)

  1. Whose Life is it Anyway? It's MY Life
  2. Who's in Charge? I'm in Charge of MY Life, Not My Family, Friends or Even Customers or Clients
  3. Watch Your Language! (The Universe ALWAYS Says Yes)
  4. The Power of Gratitude and How to Harness that Power
  5. Worrying About What Others Think (Living Small)
  6. Habits (The Habits I Created and the Habits I Broke)
  7. "Hope is not a Strategy"-John Maxwell
  8. How I Became "The Homeless Coach"
  9. The Story Behind My Poem The World I See Begins With Me
  10. People Treat Others in the Way They Feel About Themselves (and What That Means for You)
  11. The Value of Making Peace with My Formerly Abusive Dad
  12. What Losing My BFF Meant to Me
  13. Always Waiting (Relying on Others)
  14. The Only Real Obstacle is YOU
  15. Why I Chose Homelessness as the Cause to "Attack" First (and the strategy to end it, once and for all)

So here it is: a declaration that I'm writing these articles Starting TODAY. 

I'll link these titles to the posts as I write them and I'll add to this list as I learn more about what challenges you and if and how I can support you. 

My life has gone from success to failure to success to failure, but I've learned how to always turn the failures INTO success. These notes aren't doing anyone any good sitting in my notebooks and scattered all over the place. They're not helping me to grow my business. They're not helping you to "fix" what's broken in your life. They're not helping me achieve my goal of inspiring people to take charge of creating the life they want in a world they want to live in. 

Please leave comments on which ones would be most helpful to you and what challenges you're facing in your life. 

I want to help the people who think they "can't afford" the help they need. It's not about the money, people want to help you make a better life. Let's figure it out together.  

The next usual question I get asked in this conversation is:

How do you pay your bills then? Who does pay?

My answer is:

The people who want to help make a difference in the world. The people who want the world to change but they don't have the time or know how they can make a difference. 

Thank you for joining me along my journey. Without you, I wouldn't be here today. 

Click here to donate to help make a difference in the world. We'll keep you updated on how your funding helps us make a difference. 


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