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The World I See Begins with Me

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The World I See Begins with Me

At Life Teaches Foundation, we believe that, thanks to all the resources, developments and knowledge available in today’s technological and more connected world, a perfect world is no longer an unrealistic goal to strive for. We believe that by taking responsibility for our own lives, releasing responsibilities from those they don’t belong to, and through the teamwork efforts of existing resources, EVERYONE could live a life they love in a world they’re proud to live in.

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Our Founding

To build momentum in spreading her message of hope, Yael recruited the support of her friends, Gaye Durst and Patricia Rivera and her grown sons (Anthony and Michael) to found Life Teaches Foundation. Yael is the author of The World I See Begins with Me, an inspiring poem that depicts the details of a world that until now, we could only dream of living in. Life Teaches Foundation strives to teach by example that with the right support, mindset and resources, in today's day in age, it is entirely possible to create a life you love in a world you’re proud to live in.

Our Growth

For such a young organization, Life Teaches has already undergone several “makeovers” as its founder was using her limited resources, support and experience to gain an understanding of entrepreneurship and the nonprofit world. The resources, support and experience she gained along her journey are what inspired the current mission: “To inspire, empower and support every individual and organization to help triage and resolve the issues that perpetuate homelessness” She takes pride in the fact that she teaches by example, ensuring she judges no one, because she will not ask anyone to do anything she wouldn't do herself.


With the help of a few private donors who are showing support and offering encouragement, Life Teaches Foundation is currently funded solely by the coaching & consulting services offered by its founder, Yael

When Yael is not working on or in her business, she can be found networking, offering support and volunteering with the organizations she wants to work with the most. Many of whom have supported Yael and her family along her own journey.

Next Mile-Marker in Our Growth

As Life Teaches Foundation becomes more established and gathers more resources (including funding), we will offer training/certification programs to volunteers who want to “join the cause” of creating the life you love in a world you’re proud to live in.

Currently in development: a resource database that will simplify the process of finding the resources you need. This will save on all our most precious resources:

  • Time - You’ll know which resources from which to seek out services and which ones wouldn’t be a match for what you need vs. what they provide
  • Heartache- The pain and resentment once rejected or disappointment of a mismatch
  • Money - Revenue lost by not having the right resources or support available, not to mention the man-hours wasted on applications only to reject or decline. Those man-hours are better spent serving the people they are a match with and increasing their impact.

Ultimate Goal for Life Teaches Foundation

Life Teaches Foundation will become the go-to organization to achieve any goal. From finding a place to call home to increasing the impact you make in the world......and at every stage in between.

The Big Picture: The World I See Begins With Me

Written by: Yael (1996)

I dream of a perfect world:

Where the wars have all ended and weapons have been obsolete for years.
Children can go out in the yard to play. They know to stay away from the street.

When a stranger walks past as they play, they smile and say "Hey, nice day. Isn't it?"
Doors are left unlocked or...on a nice day...even wide open.
Parents and grandparents are out working on their garden TOGETHER.

Everyone takes pride in keeping the world beautiful.
Everyone does their part.

People recycle so as not to destroy their precious resources.
People take pride in the land. they are one with their planet and all that it offers.
They respect themselves and each other.
They take pride in themselves and each other.
They treat one another the way everyone should be treated.

This is an idea of the world I dream of.
This is the world I work toward.

This is the world I'd like my children to live in.
I try to live my life as close to this as possible.
I try to raise my kids to see the world in this light.
Hopefully, they'll raise their children this way:
to have THIS vision...knowing their worth and strength.

It has to start somewhere.

So, the way I see it...

The World I See Begins with ME.

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