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Life Teaches Foundation is dedicated to inspiring everyone in the world to extend a helping hand to anyone and everyone they can. Only by working together will we realize what we are capable of with the right support and encouragement.

To better understand Life Teaches Foundation, we'd like to share with you the poem written by our founder back in 1996. Today, it serves as an inspiration and a realized premonition of where we are today. ‚ÄčIt is our vision of the world we want to see. It has become a personal mission statement. We'd love to hear how it inspires you.

The World I See Begins With Me

I dream of a perfect world:
Where the wars have all ended and weapons have been obsolete for years.
Children can go out in the yard to play. They know to stay away from the street.

When a stranger walks past as they play, they smile and say "Hey, nice day. Isn't it?"
Doors are left unlocked or...on a nice day...even wide open.
Parents and grandparents are out working on their garden TOGETHER.

Everyone takes pride in keeping the world beautiful.
Everyone does their part.

People recycle so as not to destroy their precious resources.
People take pride in the land. they are one with their planet and all that it offers.
They respect themselves and each other.
They take pride in themselves and each other.
They treat one another the way everyone should be treated.

This is an idea of the world I dream of.
This is the world I work toward.

This is the world I'd like my children to live in.
I try to live my life as close to this as possible.
I try to raise my kids to see the world in this light.
Hopefully, they'll raise their children this way:
to have THIS vision...knowing their worth and strength.

It has to start somewhere.

So, the way I see it...

The World I See Begins with ME.

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