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Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Member of Life Teaches Foundation, join a community who wants to watch you succeed! We offer life coaching services to anyone who wants to change something in their life. Click below to find out the value of life coaching for you and for the person that can't afford it that (that you'd be pretty much sponsoring).


Definition of life coach

an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems

With the help of a life coach, you have the confidence to reach the goals you set for yourself.


Yael helps you set the right goals to ensure success and helps you understand the process. You're never on your own. Call when you need a boost or just an ear to get through crisis. or call when you don't know how you can help someone.

If she connects you with another organization to receive services, she makes sure you receive the services you need.

Whether your goals are to increase impact or revenue within your business, to start a business or to receive services to find housing or a job, the principles are the same:

  1. You have to know where you're going
  2. You have to know where you are now
  3. Examine all possible options
  4. Be ready for challenges

We're here to inspire you to dream big, to empower you by overcoming your past and to support you along your journey.

The point is: whatever your goals are, Yael will do whatever she can to help you reach your goals including tell you what you need to hear..

Your success is our success!

We are grateful for every bit of help that is offered. Whether you do a one-time donation or a monthly amount, thank you for believing in our mission. 

Please know that we will continue to check in with you to know if we can serve you in any way and we'll keep you updated on what we're doing these days. 

You can unsubscribe at any time though. Our intention is not to spam but to invite you into our community. 

Le'ts hear your story. I want to know who you are and find out what you need so we can figure out how we can help. We can help you make appointments, make phone calls, fill out applications for benefits, attend appointments with you. Whatever it takes to get you doing what you need to create a better life for yourself. 

We'll hear your story, then offer possible recommendations for plan of action. With that, it'll say how we can help and why you'd even want help. (i.e. going to doctor's appointments, we can help you understand what's going on and make sure the doctor is listening to you and your concerns. or going to get on public aid can be a long, grueling process. We'll keep you company while you're waiting at the public aid office.)

  1. As a member of Life Teaches Foundation, you are supporting a cause that we cannot deny needs our attention!
  2. Personal Coaching - Yael helps you determine what goals to set so you set yourself up for success.
  3. If you have a business, we want to know all about it and so does the rest of our community.
  4. If you want to start a business, we have coaches that we collaborate with so you can get the help you need to change your life.
  5. If you're looking for a tax -deductible donation, please consider helping our cause.

Tired of seeing so many people not getting the help they need because they thought they couldn't afford it, Yael wanted to join to fight against homelessness. She found out just how many people want to help and how many organizations already exist that could make an even bigger impact.

Her goal is to pool all resources together to solve a problem we all recognize!



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